Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

 The Yamaguchi Financial Group, Inc. and our group companies ("YMFG") recognizes the importance of anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing (AML/CFT). YMFG will work on AML/CFT continuously based on the following policy.

[Operation Policy]

  • YMFG shall comply with laws and regulations relating to AML/CFT.

[Organizational Structure]

  • The YMFG's Board of Directors shall establish money laundering prevention systems as the top management issue.
  • YMFG shall develop a unitary internal control system to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of AML/CFT.

[Time of Transaction]

  • YMFG shall develop internal control system in order to carry out necessary and timely measures in an appropriate manner on transaction confirmation.

[Customer Management Measures]

  • YMFG shall continue to improve its money laundering prevention system, reviewing risk mitigation measures, analyzing and conducting appropriate customer due diligence processes based on a risk-based approach.

[Sanctions and Freezing Asset]

  • YMFG shall comply with relevant provisions etc., promogulated by YMFG, pursuant to the applicable laws, rules and regulations concerning sanctions.
  • YMFG shall take asset-freezing measures in respect of entities and individuals, pursuant to applicable laws, rules and regulations concerning asset freezing.

[Anti-Bribery & Prevention of Corruption]

  • YMFG shall consistently refuse any demand for a bribe and offer no gifts and entertainment, charitable, philanthropic and political donations that exceed social norms.
  • YMFG shall not use our statuses or positions in the companies to seek personal interests from customers as well as business partners.
  • YMFG shall not engage in or be involved in any form of corruption.

[Management of Correspondent Banks]

  • YMFG shall collect sufficient information on correspondent banks to fully understand their AML/CFT framework and assess the ML/TF risks posed by these relationships and take robust risk mitigation measures based on a risk-based approach.
  • YMFG shall reject any deals and transactions involving shell banks or correspondent banks that affiliate with shell banks.
  • *The above-mentioned policy shall fall within the scope of the banking business.


  • YMFG shall continuously carry out the training for executives and employees to establish business operations related to money laundering prevention and ensure its effectiveness.

[Suspicious Activity Report]

  • YMFG shall monitor the transaction status with customers on a daily basis and promptly notify the authorities about suspicious customers and transactions detected.

[Audit for the Status of Compliance]

  • YMFG shall audit the appropriateness of money laundering prevention system and make an effort to further improve the system.

【The Group Companies which conduct AML/CFT activities under this Policy】

Yamaguchi Bank , Momiji Bank , Kitakyushu Bank ,
YM Securities , Izutsuya Withcard , YM Lease , Yamagin Card , Momiji Card , YM Asset Management , Yamaguchi Capital , YM Life Planning